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Secure Health's Better Balance™ technology offers a series of cutting edge diagnostic equipment, including VNG videonystagmography testing equipment, designed for an accurate diagnosis. We also provide proven treatment programs and an effective patient education program.

Sample VNG Software Report: Disoft II


Treatment Solutions:
Proven Better Balance™ technology

Testing to identify neurogenic deficiency

Origin testing for vestibular disorder isolation

Position techniques to induce patient dizziness

Caloric tests
Tracking tests

Video captured and quantified Nystagmus testing (VNG) ease contact us for more information:

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Balance disorders interfere with an individual’s daily activities, including their ability to work or travel, and may result in a higher risk of falling. Balance disorders can be caused by a number of underlying issues, including neurological, vestibular or proprioceptive.

Secure Health, Inc. offers a series of cutting edge diagnostic tests and equipment, inlcuding VNG videonystagmography testing equipment, designed for an accurate diagnosis. We also provide effective treatment programs and patient education.


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About Secure Health Inc

Secure Health, Inc has assembled the finest VNG, vestibular and balance products in the world. Our Better Balance™ videonystagmography technology is comprised of proven systems that identify and treat vestibular and balance disorders. An essential component of our Better Balance™ technology is NysStar™ VNG diagnostic equipment manufactured by Difra Instrumentation.

Secure Health, Inc is the exclusive US agent for Difra Instrumentation, a global leading manufacturer of diagnostic balance disorder technology for more than 48 years.

Contact Daniel Scherer, CEO of Secure Health Inc.

We work with doctors and health care professionals who are dedicated to preventing falls attributed to balance disorders and our products and programs are designed to identify, diagnose and treat patients who are at risk of falling or who have suffered injuries from falls caused by various medical conditions.

Our equipment is manufactured by well-known companies with high standards of quality. Secure Health, Inc is the exclusive US distributor of products manufactured by Difra Instrumentation. Difra has a 40 year history of "designing and manufacturing equipment across the whole vestibular field. Our products range from small devices for private use to full systems for clinical use and for research. With more than 48 years of experience, DIFRA is now one of the world leaders in diagnostic balance disorders."

Daniel Scherer, CEO

Daniel SchererDaniel Scherer, Founder and CEO of Secure Health, Inc. and Founder and Managing Director of Better Balance Fall Prevention and Wellness Society, LLC. has more than 20 years' experience in the medical and health care industry. Dan has a proven ability to innovate and develop new markets for his companies and clients. He is committed to finding cutting edge technology and treatment programs for the prevention of falls and is an advocate for educating both the health care community and consumers. In 2009, Dan founded the Better Balance Society, which provides a truly meaningful education for health care professionals who treat balance disorders and offers the first and only AMA-accredited Category One CME course on vestibular and balance disorders, “Neurovestibular Sciences: the Study of Balance Medicine." Please contact Dan if you would like to discuss educational and business development.

Lana Scherer, BA
Marketing and Promotions

Lana Scherer is responsible for marketing and promotions for Secure Health, Inc. and has 20+ years' experience in the publishing and health care industry. Lana and Dan Scherer founded InBusiness Media Group, Inc. in 2002 as a sister company to Secure Health, to provide cost effective marketing and web development for health care professionals.

Lana will work with you to personalize an effective professional marketing program for your balance practice including printed literature such as rack cards, brochures, banners, posters, postcards and direct mail campaigns.

Our Goal is Your Success

First and most important is the amount of training and support you will receive with your purchase.

You will receive two full days of training at your facility when the system is installed. One of our highly skilled technicians will come to your office for two days of of set-up and training for all components purchased.

We are the ONLY company affiliated with the Better Balance Fall Prevention and Wellness Society's CME programs for neurovestibular disorders. The AMA-accredited continuing medical education (CME) programs are currently on hiatus. We offer private and group training. For more information, visit

Our support team is on call 24/7 to answer all your questions. That is why we give you our cell phone numbers and not just our office numbers. We are committed to help you correct any difficulties you may be experiencing while the patient is still in your facility so testing can be completed.

Customer service hardware allows us, with your permission, to remotely access your software to immediately diagnose and possibly repair computer problems quickly and efficiently

Proven treatment programs and equipment: Better Balance Evaluator and VRT 

The key to our system’s success is the Better Balance Evaluator (“BBE”), a balance evaluation device placed in a high patient traffic area (clinic, physician’s office, assisted living facility, hospital, etc.). This FDA-registered evaluation equipment is designed to replace a physician’s scale and can be used to screen patients for height, weight and body mass index. In addition, the BBE evaluates patients for vestibular problems and other fall risks.

World-class marketing

Chances are great that many people in your community suffer from sort of balance disorder. Chances are even greater these people have no idea where or how to be effectively treated and gain back their quality of life. Secure Health's world-class marketing support creates public awareness and educates people looking for relief.  Most importantly, the marketing creates hope and a clinic to go to for safe, effective treatment. Let your community know you effectively, safely and painlessly treat balance disorders and they will actively seek your services. For examples of our marketing program, please click here.

When buying the Better Balance Fall Prevention and Wellness program you don’t just buy the equipment, you receive a total package.

The Better Balance Fall Prevention and Wellness program was developed by neurologists, otolaryngologists, audiologists, internists, and other physicians in order to provide you with the best value available that provides you the most accurate diagnosis of the vestibular system available today.

Our competitors will sell you equipment, but ask yourself, “What happens after the sale?” Do the competitors really care if you are successful? We do and we back it up with unparalleled, ongoing customer support, the best balance diagnosis and rehab system in the business with our Better Balance Fall Prevention and Wellness program and world-class marketing.

“Our goal is your success.”

If you would like to see a full demonstration of the Better Balance Fall Prevention and Wellness program please contact me for training dates and locations. You are always welcome to attend.

If I can be of any further assistance please feel free to call me. I can be reached anytime on my cell phone: 260-804-4041.

--Daniel B. Scherer

CEO, Secure Health, Inc.

We look forward to installing your new Better Balance Fall Prevention and Wellness program and backing up our promises to you with action. We are confident you will agree the Better Balance Fall Prevention and Wellness is the best system available on the market today and the right choice for you.



Information presented on this web site may have changed since being published. Secure Health, Inc. may change pricing, terms and conditions at any time without prior written notice. Please refer to your specific quote and/or invoice/lease contract and/or bill of sale for details.

Secure Health, Inc. is the exclusive US agent for Difra Instrumentation, a world's leading manufacturer of diagnostic balance disorder technology for more than 48 years.



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